Voucher Service Design

2022 - Present | Edenred | Ongoing Project 🔒

Edenred is a global incentive and reward service provider. As a senior designer in the small and expanding APAC team, my role involves collaborating with a junior designer and researchers to design new products for growing the voucher business and serving internal operators, clients, merchants, and end users in Taiwan, India, Thailand, and Japan.

In contrast to my previous experiences of designing consumer-facing products, I am now taking on the challenge of designing internal systems and B2B products, with a deep understanding of the voucher ecosystem from both technology and business perspectives.

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Home and Search Design

2021 - 2022 | Agoda | Product Design

During my time at Agoda, I was a part of a diverse and talented design team, which consisted of approximately 50 designers. Our team's structure allowed us to focus on detailed design while leveraging a well-established design system. Within this collaborative environment, I was responsible for crafting the user journey from the home page to the search results page on the Agoda app.

As the page owner, I encountered a series of exciting design challenges. These challenges increasing price transparency for users, providing personalized recommendations based on their past bookings, revamping the Home and Search page, and engaging users through the gamification of Agoji (Agoda's mascot).

Working closely with the Product Owner and Design Lead, we tackled each challenge with an Agile approach. This involved numerous design iterations and experiments to achieve positive impacts on the business metrics.

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Digital Issues Concept Design

2020 | Mozilla | Concept Design

As part of Mozilla's UX team, one of our focuses was on solving internet-related issues and developing new opportunities. In this innovation project, I played a key role in designing the UX/UI, facilitating ideation workshops, and prototyping concepts:

Voice Discovery

A platform for translating and reading news in minority languages, catering to minorities in India

Anti Surveillance Suite

A concept designed to remove digital footprints for individuals who are conscious of online surveillance.


An innovative solution to help people read news from different perspectives, promoting well-rounded information consumption.

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Firefox Lite 2.0: Gaming Feature

2019 | Mozilla | Product Design

The gaming feature is one of the new additions to Firefox Lite. The goal of this project was to generate new revenue streams by encouraging users to engage more with our games, thereby earning a higher revenue share from game partners.

As the product designer, I took the lead in building everything from scratch. I crafted a comprehensive product roadmap to facilitate communication with external game providers and carefully selected and integrate games into our platform based on key metrics, including session time and retention rate.

Upon product launch, I collaborated with the BI team to conduct A/B testings, fine-tuning game categories, and the order of games on the list. Analyzing the data, we discovered that once users played the same game more than four times, their retention rate increased significantly. In response, I strategically prompted these repeat users to add a shortcut of the game to their home screen, further enhancing engagement.

Ultimately, the Gaming feature proved to be a successful revenue stream for Mozilla Taipei through the in-game ads revenue share.

Firefox Lite 2.0: Reward Program

2019 | Mozilla | Product Design

Firefox Lite is a lightweight mobile browser that prioritizes privacy and data saving for Southeast Asia markets. The 2.0 version introduces a new design and features, enabling users to access shopping, news, and game content. This Reward program was created to incentivize users to explore these new features consistently for 7 days, with a chance to win shopping vouchers.

As the product designer for this project, I played a key role in designing and sharing the user flow and product roadmap with stakeholders in the initial stage. Once the details were finalized, I proceeded to create wireframes, develop a prototype, and collaborate with researchers on remote user testings.

The Reward program was successfully launched in Indonesia in December 2019, attracting approximately 3,000 participants who actively completed the mission and redeemed the Shopee voucher within just 3 weeks.

OpenSignal App Design

2017 - 2018 | OpenSignal | UX/UI Design

The OpenSignal app is a free network signal and wifi tool, equipped with various useful features such as Speed Test, Cell Tower Compass, and Coverage Map.

In this project, my role focused on planning and conducting research, delivering valuable insights to the team, developing compelling visual concepts, and creating both wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes for design iteration.

Boost+ App Design

2015 - 2017 | HTC | UX Design

Boost+ is a powerful tool that empowers users to optimize their phone's performance, enhance battery consumption, clear unnecessary files, and efficiently manage their apps.

To elevate the app's distinction among competitors, I designed exclusive HTC features that seamlessly integrated with HTC's hardware, including Game Booster and A.I. Battery optimizer.

Boost+ played a pivotal role as one of the key selling points for HTC M10, and its success was evident with a remarkable 4.5-star rating in the Google Play store and over one million downloads.

HTC USonic App Design

2015 - 2017 | HTC | UX Design

HTC USonic serves as a companion app for USonic earphones, utilizing ear scans to determine the ideal sound output level tailored to each user. My role in this project focused on creating a seamless flow to allow users to generate their personalized hearing profiles.

Overcoming the challenge of integrating hardware and software, I successfully designed a user-friendly hearing detection process through iterative user testing. Additionally, I visualized the sound enhancement results, ensuring that users could not only perceive the difference in audio quality by hearing it but also through clear visualizations.

HTC USonic and the USonic earphones were bundled with the purchase of HTC U Ultra, HTC's flagship phone in 2017.

Selfie Panorama Design

2016 | HTC | UX Design

The Selfie Panorama feature enables users to capture group selfies by stitching together multiple shots from the front-facing camera, allowing for a wider scene view.

The primary design challenge was ensuring that users could maintain eye contact with the front-facing camera while swiveling the phone. Through iterative testing and design of the indicator UI, we successfully achieved an estimated 93% success rate and significantly improved the stitching quality.

This feature was selected as one of the key selling points of HTC 10 EVO.