Voucher Service Design

Dec 2022 – Present | Edenred | Product Design

The core voucher service involves clients, merchants, and users: Clients purchase vouchers issued by Edenred and distribute them to their users as rewards. When the users redeem the vouchers, Edenred reimburses the merchants for the redeemed products.

In this voucher ecosystem, my responsibilities include designing the internal system, client portal, and end-user voucher experience. In the following sections, I'll provide more details, but please note that I can't disclose too much information and designs here as these projects are still in progress.

Internal System Redesign

The core internal system for the voucher business covers a wide range of complex functions, including creating clients, merchants, products, monitoring orders, quotations, inventory, managing and delivering various types of vouchers. However, the existing internal system has become laggy, and its legacy design makes it difficult to learn and use for our internal operators like salespeople and customer services.

Upon joining the revamping project, I proactively restructured the design components and defined UX guidelines to ensure consistency across the entire system in terms of headers, steppers, and capitalization. As the design owner of the Order, Quotation, and Voucher system, I collaborate with two scrum teams on the implementation. To reduce the product owner's workload and facilitate the process, I also take the initiative to draft user stories and organize my design based on them.

Clients Portal Design

The B2B website allows our clients to purchase vouchers for their customer loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, and employee benefits. Based on prior research, I designed two key differentiators: Smart Recommendations, which assist clients in selecting vouchers from the catalog, and a Data Dashboard where clients can view voucher delivery/activation rates and market benchmarks through diagrams.

Since this is a new platform, I’m taking the opportunity to design the design system on Figma, including color palettes, typography, and components, building everything from scratch while ensuring accessibility for every single screen.

End-user voucher experience

For the end-user voucher experience, I hosted an online workshop to generate ideas, such as expiry reminders and user ratings for future discovery and planning.

As the designer for the APAC region, I had the opportunity to understand the Thailand regulation for prohibiting links in SMS to prevent scams and propose alternative solutions to deliver vouchers. Additionally, I’m collaborating with a Product Owner based in India to launch an experiment for a new product called "Conditional Voucher," an additional coupon designed to boost voucher sales volume.

I apologize again for the limited information I can share for these ongoing projects. If you're interested in more details, you can explore other completed projects below or schedule a chat with me. :)

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